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What's the meaning of GRAFT

Grafting is a horticultural technique whereby tissues of plants are joined so as to continue their growth together.

Our purpose for Graft is to join the unemployed with the employed.
A South African meaning for Graft is also translated work which fits hand in hand with the name of this initiative.

To give the unemployed and employed a platform where they can find each other and grow / work together.
We find that the biggest problem amongst the unemployed in rural areas is a lack of tech savvy when it comes to searching for jobs. You will also find that the employed won’t just hire someone off the street that they don’t know because of the times we live in. This limits growth in our area, we want to bridge the gap between “the guy on the street” and the employed. We want to create a safe platform to graft our communities together.

We want to reduce the gap. Where do you go when you are just looking for a casual labourer to dig a trench, or paint a wall or help remove some garden refuse, or you just need a part time lady to assist you while your regular huishulp or filing clerk is sick or on leave… Or you’re looking for someone with a few skills, like a brick layer or plasterer….
The purpose of Graft is to integrate people that want to work with the community in which they live to eliminate poverty in the area which in turn will reduce crime.
Graft will cater for all types of individuals, we don’t discriminate against skill levels, race or gender. We leave the linking of unemployed to the employed. We are merely facilitating and implementing growth and sustainability in our area and creating a platform for everyone to meet in a safe environment.

Graft requires that the unemployed undergo drug testing before they can be added to our database for two reasons…

01 Protect the employed
02 To encourage the unemployed to strive for more, to become drug free and self supporting.

We are a firm believer of rewarding good behaviour – each candidate will be ranked by the employed so that other’s can see the quality of their work, which will encourage the unemployed to work harder in order to achieve a better ranking, by doing this we are promoting positive growth within our communities through self-worth.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life – Proverbs 13:12

We aim to Graft the hopeless into trees of life that will be a blessing to the community, who will integrate and be grafted into the community that they live in so that we can decrease poverty and crime and increase employment, love and hope within our community.

6 points of Grafting

Employee Protection


Social Development

Community Upliftment

Bridging the Gap

Tech in rural areas