About Us

GRAFT is an initiative of The Family Adventure Centre Vredendal.  The God inspired idea came to the director of FACV while driving through Vredendal North one day.   The Director saw a lot of men standing around and wondered how anyone would be able to get in touch with any of them that were seeking employment….. and that is literally how GRAFT was created. Debbie started talking to some of the locals to get their thoughts on the idea and by Monday evening, a mere 4 days after the God inspired idea presented itself, GRAFT was being designed.

Our purpose for Graft is to join the unemployed with the employed. A  South African  meaning for Graft is also translated work which fits hand in hand with the name of this initiative. To give the unemployed and employed a platform where they can find each other and grow / work together. We find that the biggest problem amongst the unemployed in rural areas is a lack of tech savvy when it comes to searching for jobs. You will also find that the employed won’t just hire someone off the street that they don’t know because of the times we live in.  This limits growth in our area, we want to bridge the gap between “the guy on the street” and the employed. We want to create a safe platform to graft our communities together.

Stuff We Do Best

Community Upliftment: 95%
Social Developement: 89%
Bridging the Gap: 75%